We work with financial institutions in two ways. The first way is by providing sub-advisory investment services to firms that don’t manage their clients’ assets internally, or those looking to outsource this critical function. We also are actively involved in M&A activities with other financial institutions, where we can help monetize owners seeking succession solutions or bring on owners under our umbrella for those searching for greater long-term growth of their business.





Do you run your own small- to medium-sized investment advisory firm that:

  • Requires you to wear too many hats?
  • Has built strong relationships with your clients… and those relationships require constant nurturing?
  • Has plateaued in growth?


Would you like to:

  • Add more bandwidth?
  • Work on the business rather than in the business?
  • Spend more time with your clients gaining more wallet share and referrals?
  • Have more time to attract new business?
  • Find a trusted firm to help you?


We give you the extra bandwidth you need…

  • By managing your accounts, we free up some of your valuable time.
    • We offer 4 investment strategies which utilize individual stocks.
    • We offer 4 investment strategies which utilize ETFs.
  • All of our investment strategies can be private-labeled for your use.*
  • All of our investment strategies are tactical. We lower our equity exposure when our research indicates that defensive posturing is warranted. We get fully invested when our research shows that risk has subsided.
  • We can provide private-labeled client quarterly reports, including mailing them.

*The investment strategies are still run by Polaris Greystone Financial Group.


Concerned that you’ll have to move your clients again?

  • Our current custodial relationships include TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, and Fidelity.
  • We may establish a relationship with other custodians, if your custodian is not listed.




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