We work with financial institutions in two ways. The first way is by providing sub-advisory investment services to firms that don’t manage their clients’ assets internally, or those looking to outsource this critical function. We also are actively involved in M&A activities with other financial institutions, where we can help monetize owners seeking succession solutions or bring on owners under our umbrella for those searching for greater long-term growth of their business.





You’ve grown your business. By most people’s measure, you’re a successful entrepreneur. But you see that you are at a crossroads. Do you continue to run your business by yourself, or do you seek out the help of a larger firm? This is obviously a difficult and personal decision, one that we’d love to guide you through.




Do you run your own small-to-medium-sized investment advisory firm that…

  • Requires you to wear too many hats?
  • Has built strong relationships with your clients…and those relationships require constant nurturing?
  • Has plateaued in growth?


Would you like to:

  • Be freed from the burdensome daily tasks that take away from the growth of your business.
  • Spend more time with your clients gaining more wallet share and referrals?
  • Have more time to attract new business?
  • Learn and implement best practices to establish your own referral network?


We can help! Should you need it, Polaris Greystone Financial Group provides:

  • Investment management and reporting (including the mailing).
  • Compliance and oversight.
  • A well-integrated technology platform.
  • A business development model which has helped our advisors gain and retain more clients.
  • Economies of scale by working with a larger firm.


What are we looking for?

  • Partners, not employees.
  • Someone with unwavering integrity.
  • Someone with unmatched work ethic.
  • Someone who always places the clients’ best interest first.
  • Someone who is looking to rapidly grow their business because they are confident that Polaris Greystone Financial Group is the best place that an investor could turn for their financial needs.



Are you:

  • At the end of your career, looking for the right succession for your clients?
  • Looking to monetize all of the years of hard work?
  • Tired of feeling like you do a lot of things good, but nothing great?


We can help! We are:

  • Knowledgeable in the M&A space for investment advisers, making for an easy transition.
  • The two principals of Polaris Greystone Financial Group have each run their own investment advisory firm for over 20 years. 
  • Well capitalized, making monetizing your hard work simple.





At the end of the day, you’d do anything for your clients. Are you providing them with the best service you could? If you have any doubts, let’s consider combining our efforts. With the resources of a large firm and the personal touch of a small firm, we aim to provide excellent service to all our clients.




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